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The FW35 dual hydrostatic walk-behind was built from the ground up to meet the demands of professional mowing crews. The new design gives this mower smoother and more user-friendly operation. Featuring a Cruise Control Bar and independent steering with a speed indicator, the FW35 allows the operator a multitude of control options. Longer belt life, 1/4" thick engine deck, and easy access to serviceable parts are just a few of the improvements on the FW35 walk-behind. Powerful Kawasaki®  FX series engine options paired with your choice of 48", 52" and 61" cutting widths, provide productivity and performance.

Ferris fw35 Commercial Mowers



The ProCut™ S 3-wheel riding mower features a simple design for easy operation and serviceability. The 3-wheel lawn mower was the first commercial mower Ferris ever produced in 1986. The ProCut™ S, featuring mower suspension technology, enhances speed and comfort. The improved height-of-cut control makes changing grass cut height a snap. If you desire a 3-wheel mower with high visibility and want to reduce your yard work time under low hanging branches, shrubs and fencing, the ProCut™ S is for you.

Ferris Commercial Mowers Procut S








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